Our aim is to serve you, the sustainable traveller to South and Southern Africa, with a unique travel experience via our various regions.
Selected hosts from the various regions will host and guide you in an enlightening way.

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As you will find during your travels with us, all our host destinations, tours, attractions and experiences are produced and utilized in a sustainable way.

The guided tours are explicitly designed to "go slow and experience more" of a place or kontrei (region). We recommend that you stay at least two nights per destination to start having a sense of place experience!

What will you find here?

Sustainably produced tourism products for the sustainable traveller.
Diversity when travelling Kontrei (Region) by Kontrei (Region).
Enlightenment when selected owners will host and guide you in a charming way.
Go Slow - The sense of place experience will result in maximum travel satisfaction.

Now, open the chest of charms and browse our unique experiences, accommodation and tours.

Our formal mission is:

We market and manage a sustainable travel experience for a visitor to a natural and/or cultural environment, whereby through interaction and participation the visitor will be enlightened. All tourism businesses involved should use environmental resources in a sustainable way resulting in economically viable enterprises with economic benefits to the host community.

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